Atelier Figures colore et sublime vos souvenirs

Atelier Figures colors and turn your memories into something unique

Atelier Figures colore et sublime vos souvenirs

« Our mission ? Enhance your unique memories ».

This is the mantra of Atelier Figures founders that open their doors to us today, so we can shoot our instant photo frames in their colorful universe.


Mélodie and Pierre-Guillaume have been architects for 3 years when the Covid-19 pandemic breaks out. Hyper-active artists, they have their creativity limited as they can't get out from home. Then they try to hijack the photos they love : they apply flat colors and re-shape details to enhance these memories. Some illustrations between abstract and reality, drawing influences from Georges Briata and Luis Barragán work.



Atelier Figures rencontre Pol studio


After a few weeks of training, they start to see their style draw in front of their eyes and receive customers requests : « I have this photo I love from my wedding, could you re-design it the way you do ? ».

Atelier Figures was born. On May 1st, during the labor day in France (you can't invent such a story) ! 

Throughout this workshop, they redesign they customer's photos with an elegant colorful twist. Personalized pieces of art, unique ones, printed and delivered all over the world. 
Couple photos, lanscapes, parties... More or less complex photos that required much care and time to truly translate the emotions of the original photos.  



Illustration atelier-figures


Cadre à poser pour photo Instax Mini


« We absolutely wanted to send printed works to our clients. They can display them, offer them... It's physical objects that give us the feeling of having a part of us at their place »


This will of creating physical artefacts can be found at every level of the artistic practice of Mélodie and Pierre-Guillaume. Though linogravure, wood-working, painting... and photography ? They simply state being compulsive party photo shooters with their Instax Mini 11 camera.

However they can see changes in their photographic practice. Mélodie was introduced to the analog photography world in her early days by his grand-father who was a vintage cameras collector. For Pierre-Guillaume, it's through disposable cameras he expressed his creativity during his youth. The ritual aspect of the trigger, the limited number of photos you can take, the grain on the film. A " madeleine de Proust " he recently re-discovered by buying multiple Kodak disposable cameras for bringing to events and shooting on a daily basis.  



Cadre à poser pour photo Polaroid


Peinture bleu klein pour chambre


Photos Instax Mini de Atelier Figures


We they were asked to open their doors for Pol studio to shoot his creations at home, they said YES right away ! For them, it's about highlighting french creators by giving the appropriate space to enhance their creations in a colorful environment. Between noble materials, designers furniture and personalized illustrations, our table frames come to complete this inspiring decoration. 

Their favorite frame model ? The Havana N°3 instax frame trio that perfectly matches their living room tones.



Choisir ses cadres photo pour sa décoration intérieure 


Afficher ses photos Instax et Polaroid à la maison