La Réunion - 5 moments où tu dois avoir un appareil photo à la main

La Réunion - 5 moments when you must have your camera in hands

La Réunion - 5 moments où tu dois avoir un appareil photo à la main

20 kilos, not even more. This is the maximum weight of my luggage to travel to La Réunion for three weeks. It’s no easy stuff to decide what camera material to bring to shoot the Intense Island as they call it.

Visiting La Réunion is expecting long daily walks and high elevation gain. And every time, breathtaking landscapes just at the corner of the track. This island is located in the Indian ocean, off to coast of Madagascar. You pack light when travelling there : Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 - Fujifilm X-T20 camera - XF 23mm 2.0 R WR - XF 16-55mm 2.8 R LM WR - XF35mm 1.4 lens. A full Fujifilm selection to capture the moments we’re about to experience. 


Plage de Ti Sable noir La Réunion


(Ok, the Fujifilm selection is also about the weight and the colors)

08.02 2022 - TIP N°1 : Do not keep your films is your hand bag during the flight, the exposure to X-ray during the security controls may damage it.


Plage de Saint Gilles Instax


08.06 2022 - TIP N°2 : Pack a biiiig tele lens to be able to zoom all the way across the Mafate circle. It’s still a 5 hours walk to join the village of Marla, so don’t bring a 1.5 kg one  ⚠️


Le village de Marla - Julien Demaugé-Bost

Le col des boeufs - Fujifilm X-t20

08.11 2022 - TIP N°3 : Wait for the sunset with a ø23mm in your hands (for APS-C sensors). 

At the golden hour, the last rays of sunshine blow your face and extend the shadows. A bit cliché but effective ! 

Bonus : Send us the best photos of your travels. On Instax, Polaroid, analog, digital… we’ll share it with all the people that follow us 📸



Coucher de soleil - Fujifilm x-t20 23mm


La savane - Instax


Plaine des sables - Fujifilm


08.16. 2022 - TIP N°4 : Dive in the Bélouve forest after the rain. The jungle opens up on kilometers of footbridge and quagmires. At each sunlight breaking through the trees, the light reflects on haze clouds. 200% humidity warranty ! (it’s said to be good for your skin)


La Forêt de Bélouve en photographie


Forêt de Bélouve - centre de la Réunion



08.21. 2022 - PIT N°5 : Enjoy the most beautiful contrasts in the world with an afternoon on the west coast beach.



Instax Mini 40 - Julien Demaugé-Bost


Plage de sable noir et sneakers Vans Instax


Bassin d'eau de mer naturel


Unique memories with Instax Mini 40 - Pol studio